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They Threaten Us With Jail And Expect Us To Accept Plea Deals But We've Prepared For This

Step 1: Kidnap the individual. Usually this is an arrest, and it is humiliating. In front of your whole block. In front of your family. They will treat you the same for the most part but will hold the image in the back of their throat forever like a sob.

Step 2: Put the individual into court and/or prison system. Their record is created. They are tagged as suspicious. They are dragged in front of a court/judge. They are told their rights were explained to them but we didn't get a say in what those rights should be.

Step 3: Introduce the individual to the inhumanity of the prison industrial system. (((For me, this was the warden asking me if I was going to be a problem. No, sir. No sir. Nosir. In a genuinely decentralized, decolonized, demilitarized world, this man would not exist. But I exist in both worlds.))) For many others, it is an ankle bracelet. It is GPS monitored but can also connect to remote WiFi, so if the individual is out-of-range of the bracelet's homebase, they can still be tracked by the government. (((She sent me pictures of her ankle rubbed almost thru to the bone from the weight of it // i heard about someone whose bracelet fucked his ankle up so bad he needed surgery)))

Step 4: Threaten the individual with indefinite confinement. "If you don't take this plea deal, we will charge you with a felony. If you don't tell us their names, we won't give you bail. If you don't agree with us, then we won't let you speak. If we can convince them you're lying, then we will."

Step 5: Postpone court dates. It always goes like this: My lawyer (J.C.) gets a call saying I have court on a certain date and time. The night before the aforementioned date, I get a call from J.C. telling me court isn't at 12 anymore, they moved it up to 8AM. I scream a little more high pitched each time something stressful happens from henceforward. The morning of court my emotional support comrades/lovers and I are milling around and J.C. is talking to the judge, or to a secretary, or blah blah blah whatever's going on, it drags on forever, and then at 9:30AM, J.C. comes out and is like, "They have a new way they want to present the charges so they postponed the date until [whatever a month from whatever day this is happening on is], all you have to do is sign this paper," and that's when it hits that I wore this frcking uncomfortable shirt for nothing.

Step 6: Bury evidence they don't actually have. Person A is charged with multiple felonies and given house arrest for the duration of their case. They are offered a deal they say no to b/c their lawyer is good and Fuck 12. The prosecutor drops the weakest felonies, and attempts to broker another plea deal. Person A says no to the deal b/c their lawyer is good and Fuck 12. Now the prosecutor is in a difficult sitch. The City Of [Your City] using their expansive resources to prosecute a single transsexual on the felony of amateur vandalism is absolutely a waste of time and the prosecutor knows this. They were banking on you being scared shitless by your experiences in Steps 1-5, and thus agreeing to the first plea deal available. Having to go back and tell their boss that their easy anarchist/anti-christ comparison of the week just went belly-up was embarrassing enough a first time, but a second time? At this point, the prosecutor is weighing the options of reducing the charges to a handful of misdemeanors and placing Person A on some kind of probation, under the assumption that Person A will do one of the following:

▸▸ accept probationary period (((probably w/ some form of substance prohibition))) & the fine that comes along with it (((i still haven't told my parents what i owe [My State].)))

▸▸ say NO DEAL BITCH FUCK THE STATE BURN IT DOWN but your lawyer cleans it up lol


At first, it goes fine. Then, you start getting pulled over a lot. One time you're high af but you still pass the breathalyzer and the alphabet test so they had no reason to not let you go. Near the end of the probationary period, you get a call from your lawyer-- they dug up a charge they never indicted you with and want you to take a deal of More Probation Time in order to halt this charge being introduced into court.

You, of course, have two options: [ YES ] and [ NO ].

-- If you say [ YES ], the same thing will happen at the end of the next probationary period.

-- If you say [ NO ], ~maybe~ they won't indict you on this new mystery charge, but it'll hang over every time you laugh too loudly, and also, you still have a fuckton in restitution fines to pay.


Maybe they drop all the charges!!! Hell Fuckin YEAH!!!!

Maybe they don't. Maybe they raid your spot for @ntifa Propaganda or read your FB messages or follow you home. They've done all these things to me. When it happens, you'll be scared. But you won't be surprised.

B/c Anti-Fascist & in particular Anti-Racist Actions have been actively oppressed throughout the entirety of amerikkkan history by our own government. For proof/knowledge, see A Study Of Repression In America: https://ouleft.org/wp-content/uploads/Huey-WATP.pdf

Step 7: ???????? i found the property my fed rents out to some normie family. the first time she arrested me, she was pregnant. now, i watch her son grow up over a VPN.

Step 8: The government/the state/the repressive forces that arrest and intimidate us and our friends do it in a particular humiliating and exhausting way on purpose. They want to wear us down and disconnect us from each other. If we are being followed home, we won't invite people over. If our FB msgs are being read, we won't use FB [& will thus loose contact w/ a lot of ppl very quickly]. If we are scared, we are vulnerable. If we are vulnerable, we may believe the feds when they tell us our friends hate us, or that our friends snitched on us. If we believe that, we might be tempted to give pigs info about our personal lives. and bada boom! that's how a snitch becomes a snitch-- when someone really truly believes their community won't be able to provide for them. so it works to the advantage of the government when we broadcast our infighting on tweeter, b/c they are watching leftist factions toss the clout ball around instead of Abolishing The Police!!!!!!!!!!1111 and then it continues to work to their advantage when they watch Person B get dumped by all their friends on the dot.net, so they arrest Person B for a photo they posted 3 mos. ago, then get them to slip up and/or snitch using Person B's public infighting to convince them they don't have any comrades on the outside.

Step 9: They're keeping tabs on you for basically the rest of your life; if you have friends who stood by your side when you were in jail, they should hopefully be there when you have to attend court. As with jail support, court support shows the system that the individuals they arrested have community that uplifts and defends them, which makes Person B a worse target for weakest-clout intimidation.

Step 10: If everyone stopped clout-mongering, we could all get together and k/ll every single c/p <333 xxxxoooo

TLDR: They Threatened Us With Jail Time But We Still Turned Down The Plea Deal B/c We Know The Community Will Hold Us Thru Anything The Govt Does

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